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resin 4.0.20 release notes


4.0.20 continues focus on bug fixes and stability. 4.0.20 includes significant reworking of the networking state machine for comet/async timing issues.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in 4.0.19. We encourage people to report 4.0.20 bugs at

Health PDF Reports

PDF reports are now available from the /resin-admin summary page and the postmortem. The PDF gathers the summary graphs into a single document.

Weekly PDF Reports

PDF reports can now be generated on a timed basic (daily or weekly). The new PdfReport health action creates a summary pdf in the resin/log directory for an overview of the server operation.

Example: resin.xml configuration for PdfReport
<resin xmlns=""

  <resin:import path="${__DIR__}/health.xml" optional="true"/>

    <health:IfCron value="0 0 * * 0"/>

Custom Graph Pages

The graphs in the /resin-admin "meters" section can be configured by adding <health:MeterGraphPage> definitions to the health.xml or the resin.xml. The graph values are defined by <health:JmxMeter> and <health:JmxMeter> and allow any JMX value to be metered and displayed.

The custom graph pages can also be used for the PDF reports.

Example: Thread Graphs in resin.xml
<resin ...>

    <graph name="Threads">
      <meter>JVM|Thread|JVM Thread Count</meter>
      <meter>Resin|Thread|Thread Count</meter>
      <meter>Resin|Thread|Thread Idle Count</meter>
      <meter>JVM|Thread|JVM Runnable Count</meter>
      <meter>JVM|Thread|JVM Blocked Count</meter>
      <meter>JVM|Thread|JVM Native Count</meter>
      <meter>JVM|Thread|JVM Waiting Count</meter>


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