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resin 4.0.15 release notes


4.0.15 has primarily been a bug-fix and Web Profile TCK release. It also encludes several extensions and enhancements to the HealthCheck system.

Web Profile TCK

  • EL - pass
  • EJB - 1 fail (timing, possible TCK bug)
  • JDBC - pass
  • JPA - 8 fail (exception)
  • JSF - pass
  • JSP - pass
  • JSR-299 (CDI) - pass
  • JSR-330 (javax.inject) - pass
  • JSTL - pass
  • JTA - pass
  • Servlet - pass

Resin Eclipse plugin update

The Resin eclipse plugin has been updated at

The plugin allows automatic download of Resin Professional.

Health Check Updates

The health check system has been enhanced, allowing for more control of Resin restarts and logging.

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