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Resin Pro License GuideIf you purchased a Resin Pro license or would like to evaluate Resin Pro features this page will provide detail on obtaining evaluation license and deploying licenses to Resin Pro.

Requesting Resin Pro License

If you don't have a license file and would like to request one please proceed to request evaluation Resin Professional license. Once you apply, please check your mail-box, the license should already be there.

Resin Pro License Deployment

The simplest way to deploy a license is to copy it into licenses directory under Resin Home.

Resin Pro is looking for licenses in the following locations

  1. Directory specified with -Dresin.license.dir JVM parameter
  2. licenses directory in your working directory, i.e. System.getProperty("user.dir")
  3. licenses directory in Resin Home.


If something went wrong and Resin Pro can't find license, the first place to check for problems is the log files.

If the message in the log file isn't giving enough detail you can set logging level to a higher value ('finest') and restart Resin with -verbose option.

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